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So, the keepsake.tv site and blog are up. I’m nowhere near settled on a a base theme for the site(s) yet, so I’m even further from customising them. The plan is that the blog and the site will share the same theme, which is why they’re both ugly at the moment. I might go for an alternate colour scheme for the blog, so they’re easier to tell apart.

The main site will be built on WordPress too, though it won’t function as a blog for the most-part. The only dynamic content there will be a blog of recent and current work, and links to samples. The rest will act as a web presence for Keepsake Media, which specialises in wedding videos.

This blog is more of an outlet for ideas and discoveries. This is where I’ll think out loud about the camera I like, a new gadget I’m lusting after, or a problem I’m working on. At times it will cross over into my general love of technology and clever ideas, and may even stray into the motorbike and travel interests of my other blog (but I’ll try to be disciplined).

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