The less is more video review

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Whenever I’m researching new gear, I invariably find myself sitting through countless unboxing or review videos, some of them long and tedious, just to glean a little more information about the product.

There’s a great irony to some of them. I’ve watched tripod reviews shot with a hand-held camera, for instance. Microphone and wind-shield tests regularly end with a summary of “what you probably heard”, as though the guy making the clip will be as surprised by the results as I am, when he finally watches the video.

Seriously, why wouldn’t you test the product, work out the results and then make a video where you test the product for the audience and discuss the results? With a little foreknowledge you could use your insightful comments about the product as the test audio. It’s better than two minutes of “testing, one, two, two”.

Which brings me to the video above. The reviewer, if that’s what he is, manages to feature two products, without saying a word. And then, in what is doubtless a breach of copyright, it plays out the rest of the test/backing music for the viewer… just because.

So sit back and enjoy the lack of nerdy review.

Oh, and one day I’d like a Zoom H4n, and possibly a Redhead dead cat to go with it.

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