Canon EOS 650D

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Hmm… so I’m looking around for a new DSLR, and trying to balance a few competing interests.

As much as this is for home life, the wife and the impeding baby, I figure it might as well be something I can borrow or steal back to use on video projects, when the need arises. So it’s important that it handles HD video pretty well. There are plenty of contenders in that area, all with their limitations. Actually right now the Sony NEX-5N seems like a good option, as it doesn’t have the shot-clip limits that most DSLRs have (particularly the Canons). But since for video this would be acting as another camera, I can probably live with that.

Price is an issue. If I could afford a $3000 DSLR body, I’d be buying a Blackmagic Cinema Camera instead, which would still leave me with a tight budget for an actual DSLR, which would bring me back to where I am now (though in that world I’d have a Blackmagic Cinema Camera, which would be lovely). So, price is an issue.

Coming back the BMCC, if I’m about to start collecting lenses, as DSLR users are prone to doing, then they need to be compatible with the BMCC, so they can be repurposed later on. So that’s limiting the field to Canon again.

So, my searches took me via the 5D Mk II and MkIII to T2i/550, which led me to the T3i/600, and then to the T4i/650.

The video above spells out its strengths and weaknesses pretty well. Deals from Kogan and other online vendors suggest that its within the target price range.

Is it the direction I should be going?

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