Based in Melbourne, Australia, Keepsake Media specialises in wedding and event video production.

The Keepsake Blog is a running commentary on the things that capture our (or mostly Tim’s) attention. Our love of quality video soon leads us to nice mics and good audio, shiny Macs and new technology, geek gadgets, things we want but can’t afford, and things we can afford but can’t justify.

We set up the blog mostly so we wouldn’t clutter up the real website with this sort of nonsense.

Like the rest of the blogosphere, we are possessed of the absurd notion that the trivia that fills our heads is somehow of interest and importance to the rest of the world. Of course we know it isn’t true, so please don’t overreact if we pontificate on a topic or product that’s close to your heart. We reserve the right to judge, praise and criticise the work of others, in the full knowledge that it’s way better than anything we could actually do.

We ask for your forgiveness in advance.