Keepsake specialises in telling the story of your special day.

Ironically, Keepsake was born out of a hatred for wedding videos. It’s not that wedding videos by their nature are bad or evil… its just that so many of them are awful and cheesy. There’s way too many glittering love-heart dissolves and nasty effects.

The way we see it, you’ve already got your own style, and that will already be reflected in the way you’ve planned your wedding. You’ve got colours, dresses, suits, flowers and a venue all worked out. All that a video should add to that is the ability to look back and be reminded of the day as it was. The last thing you want is a whole other style overlaid on that by the video guys.

The other thing a video should give you is chance to see the things you might have missed. There’s so much going on for the bride and groom on the day, it can feel as though it is all over in a whirl. What was that one thing the celebrant wanted you to remember? What was that thing your dad said in his speech that had everyone wiping their eyes?

There are things too easily lost. Our job is the make them into keepsakes, so you’ve always got them.

We’re just getting started. Check back in the next few weeks to learn more about Keepsake.